1. In His Hands

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Our gift to you, praise Jesus Amen! All keys, synth bass, guitar ticky tickies and lead vocal Me. Background Vocals Tracey Ann Meza, Jeff Stover bass guitar intro. Steve Alaniz tenor sax, Gary Hartman trumpet.


In His Hands
When you're feeling life's a bit too much
And there's nowhere to go
Here's a message, I want you to know
And it's helped me to grow,
You may think you hold the key
To your own destiny
And that life is just a game
It's in His Hands, It's in His Hands
If you're feeling defeated and overwhelmed,
Don't let the enemy get you down,
Take a minute stop and say a little prayer
Surrender and you'll be free
It's In His Hands!
It's In His Hands!